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Force Fighter Men's Costume, XL K940-MCOS-181XL

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Meet the superstore version of everyone's favorite galatic hero, Duke Windstroller. Equipped with the most compex laser sword in all the galaxies, Duke Windstroller was a force to be reckoned with. He practices his dueling in his mother's basement every day after returning home from third shift at the local gas station. He had a tournament coming up and has been preparing for many months. It is a tradition for Duke's mother to pack a lunch for him before he heads out to each tournament. This time, it was something special. Boiled hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, Duke's favorite. After eating all six hot dogs, Duke noticed a ketchup and a mustard stain on his beautiful, beige robes.

He couldn't arrive at the tournament like this. He needed a new set of robes. Using his incredible ability to think, he used the galatic interweb system to check out Hauntlook's force fighter robes. He was blown away by the style and the size selection, especially since he's gained a few pounds. He made his purchase immediately and selected the instantaneous shipping method for extra space coin.

Stepping out into the tournament arena, Duke was more confident than ever. His elegant force fighter robes brought out his best features while hiding his worst. Unfortunately, Duke left his laser sword on his old robe set and got absolutely wrecked at the tournament.

Why You'll Love It

Hauntlook's Force Fighter costume is made of 100% polyester, no weak materials here. Find yourself in a similar situation as Duke? We hope not, but if so, this costume is handwashable. Just make sure to hang it to dry and you're done! Follow the size chart to get the best fit possible.

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